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Hi! I'm Marshall,

a designer who can’t seem to turn off the right side of his brain. I graduated from the University of Virginia with majors in both Architecture and Studio Art, affording me the greatest degree of creative liberty and expression. Moreover, synthesizing these two majors bolstered the problem-solving abilities that I now imbue into my designs. When beginning a project, I start in a fantastical realm unencumbered by preconceived notions and, with research and dedication, pull the concept into reality. Since a young age, I have strived to create innovative designs that both serve a purpose and bring beauty to their environment. Thanks to my background in art, I’ve developed a keen eye along with a gnawing urge to change the mundane. I find no greater joy than stunning people with out-of-the-box, sensational designs that make people feel heard and their perspectives understood.

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