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An Adaptable Table for the Average, Ever-Changing Life

I’m very familiar with the moving process (and its associated woes). Within the last 13 years, I’ve moved seven times thanks to the Recession, empty nest syndrome, and the volatile living situation of college. The first move was the hardest transition: going from a five thousand square foot home to one not even a third of that size, my family had to adapt to constraints. However, how could we with furniture that couldn’t shrink nor change? In the new house, the sunroom became my mom’s bedroom not because she enjoyed the lack of privacy but because that was the only room that would accept her king-sized bed. Furniture took a team to move and, once placed, overshadowed the small rooms. As such when I was tasked with creating a coffee table for studio, I considered its life and how its context might shift and change.


I began this studio project by collecting and discerning data regarding the moving industry and generated household waste. As suspected, moving rates are highest in the younger population and decrease as age increases and renters are transitioning into owners. I interviewed various individuals and in the process, developed three personas that would guide the creation of my coffee table. 





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