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Bridging Preston

Situated in Charlottesville, this multitasking project not only provides housing for Charlottesville residents but uses structure and program to separate pedestrians from motorists thus mitigating tension between the two. See how I take inspiration from fabric and needle to fashion a sloping sanctuary and stitch together separate counties.

Systemic Table

The prompt of this studio was: build a coffee table. Simple and pure, this prompt provided an unspecified vessel in which I could transpose a secondary goal of combatting furniture waste. By incorporating magnets and combining them with precise geometry, I conceived of a table (or cluster of tables) that could respond to needs that shift over hours or even years.

Infusion Sleeve

This project stems from a semester where we were tasked with improving the cancer patient's experience. In my project, I identified the absence of personal choice in how one receives his or her chemotherapy. To relocate power back to the patient, I asked one simple question: "what if cancer treatment was mobilized?"

Regrowing 9th St.

This project revolves around improving and revitalizing Lynchburg's downtown. See how I take inspiration from the Japanese Lantern Plant (pictured on the right) and transform it into architectural form to attract people from Lynchburg's large suburbia and restimulate urban growth.

Public Desalination Pool



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